Information on the Audit Committee and the website

Welcome to the website of the HUS Audit Committee!


The annual report, written by the Council to assess how the goals set for HUS have been met as well as the profitability and appropriateness of its operations, is published on the website. Based on the assessment, recommendations are given to improve HUS operations. The website is in Finnish and Swedish.


The topics of the annual report for 2019 include the HUS personnel policy, the New Children’s Hospital, research activities, and the realisation of national recommendations on the care of elderly patients suffering from hip fracture. Healthcare e-Services were also assessed in collaboration with the municipalities of the Greater Helsinki area. 

The Audit Committee is a statutory body

The Audit Committee operates in accordance with the Local Government Act (410/2015 § 121). Its purpose is to assess the realisation of the goals set by the Council, as well as the profitability and appropriateness of HUS operations. In addition, the Audit Committee organises assessments of the municipal administration and economy, including the auditing of the accounts, and supervises the declarations of interest of the employee representatives and office-holders.


The members of the Audit Committee are political decision-makers who are elected every four years based on the results of the municipal elections.


Director of External Evaluation Unit Pirjo Räsänen ([email protected]) is serving as the presenting officer of the Audit Committee.


The audit firm for HUS is KPMG Oy, and the responsible auditor is Jorma Nurkkala. 

Members of the HUS Audit Committee 2017–2021

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